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Digital Widgets Set Sony SW2

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*** IMPORTANT! FIRMWARE BUG FIXED! *** If you use the Smartwatch 2 app, and the watch firmware of Dec 17th, 2014, that broke down custom watch faces, please update to the most recent version (1.6.23 14 / Jan 14th, 2015). According to users' feedback it may be necessary to uninstall the watch face / widget, and install it again. ***Have you ever tried to set up a good looking screen, with all the information you need, of standard widgets? It's difficult - they just take too much space. That's why this set was created: to provide well readable clocks and widgets which take as much space as they need, and not a pixel more.
The set is under continuous development. At the moment it contains:
- simple digital clock 3x3- simple digital clock 3x4- simple digital clock 3x3 with seconds included- simple digital clock 4x3 with seconds included- circular clock 3x3- date 3x1 (day of week + day of month)- day of week 1x1- day of month 1x1- month 1x1- date 1x1 (day of week + day of month)- seconds 1x1- digital clock 3x2 - typewriter font- digital clock 5x3 - light font clock- timezone clock 2x1- triple seconds 1x2- static phone battery level 1x1- animated phone battery level 2x1- 1x1, 2x2, 3x2, 3x3 hours, 1x1, 2x2, 3x2 minutes widgets with configurable font style and colour
How to set up the time zone clock:
- enter preferences;- select time offset from the drop down list (your time +/- offset in hours);- edit watch faces;- add 2x1 timezone widget;
Note: if you've added the timezone widget earlier, you should switch to another watch face, and back again for changes to take effect.
How to change configurable widgets settings:
- enter preferences;- select font style and colour for hours and minutes widgets from the drop down lists;- edit watch faces;- add hours widget of the size you need;- add minutes widget of the size you need;- switch to another watch face, and back again for changes to take effect.
More information and contact at
- Open the SmartWatch 2 app, - edit watch faces, - create a new watch face, - click 'clocks', - choose the watch face you've just installed, - enjoy :)
Many thanks to Naheel Azawy @ XDA forum, whose excellent tutorial helped us all to start.German translation: Trespassing @XDA forum
Note to beta testers: you should uninstall the beta version manually before installing this version. Thank you, guys. :)
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